Vivek Mathur (Bumpy)

“Créer, c’est vivre deux fois”

Bumpy believes in the creative process and tries to seek that out in all his first loves- whether that be cooking, playing the cello or the bass, his sneaker collection or travelling.

But in between all of this, he’s managed to find a 20+ yr old love affair with story-telling through his multi-layered body of enviable work across all mediums which includes theatrically released films, television, TVC’s and now digital.

As someone who constantly loves innovating and being ahead of the curve, it has led him to many fruitful partnerships with popular brands like YashRaj Films, 120 Media Collective, and MTV besides being a successful and sometimes disgruntled freelancer.

His current hero is Chrysippus, a Greek philosopher who died laughing at his own joke.