ABP Studios specialise in digital & TV productions catering to OTT platforms and new age brands while making content in Hindi & regional languages. Building on the solid foundation of ABP Network, their offerings include original shows, commissioned shows, IP creation & brand funded shows in categories of fiction, non-fiction, non-theatrical films, documentary films and more. They create original pan-india content and collaborate with the top most talents & platforms across the world while telling untold indian stories to a glocal audience.

Benefits of partnering with us
  • Access the vast archives of information, across genres, of Indian stories since 1922. Whether it is factual, history, politics, literature, social issues, crime, biography, military or culture, everything is available under one roof.
  • Whether it is web series, reality shows, dramas, comedy, corporate films, music videos, branded content or interactive videos, all resources & skill sets are available.
  • The leadership team comes from key internal positions of various global media giants like Viacom, Discovery, Star, Disney, Channel V, Zee, Sony and more. Hence ABP Studios have a data & insights driven approach to content creation, which is a key ingredient for the ultimate success of the products.
  • Cultural tastes and unique digital behaviours of target audiences are considered at the beginning of conceptualisation processes. This enables brands to get video content customised for their audiences.
  • Cater to regional viewers of Hindi, Bengali & Marathi speakers.
  • The content is made with global production sensibilities to cater to viewers outside India.

Every story has two sides, sometimes more than two. Most stories now have the need & relevance to transcend beyond digital entertainment into real world choices. Using various technologies as tools and viewers' emotive experiences as drivers, the interactive & immersive team serves various brands in their need for content and marketing solutions.

Benefits of partnering with us
  • ABP interactive makes content across technologies - web, digital apps, social media & immersive media (AR/VR).
  • Culturally relevant storytelling and emotive product design are the core values.
  • End-to-end processes of concept-content-design-technology are handled and finished products are delivered
  • The products are based on cultural trends, consumer metrics and customer-centric-design.
  • Our immersive storytelling techniques coupled with interactive product design & technology create ample opportunities for brands to get involved & benefitted. Brands are welcome on-board as sponsors or partners on our original content.
  • Access to skilled resources who can develop an idea into a finished product.
  • Cater to regional viewers of Hindi, Bengali & Marathi speakers.

Since 1922, ABP network has created a priceless collection of Indian human stories and user generated content. These content have been widely popular among Indian viewers on various broadcast & video streaming platforms. Whether it is the longest running crime series on Indian TV, Sansani, with a 15 year old & 5000+ episodes long life, or widely the appreciated show - Pradhanmantri by Sekhar Kapoor, being praised by political leaders & proudly contributing to Indian administrative services exams through quizzes, you will have access to some of the best factual content from the grassroots of India.

Benefits of partnering with us
  • ABP studios has a nuanced understanding of today's entertainment eco-system - be it content for web or TV. We can partner to offer the best content for your consumers from our vast repertoire.
  • Access a catalogue of award winning IPs and a slate of critically acclaimed original productions that will add value to your platform.
  • History of successfully cracked global and domestic deals with esteemed partners. This is a testament to ABP’s endeavour of bringing stories of India to the world.