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ABP Studios is a content production house based in Mumbai, founded in 2020. With a collective experience and knowledge of India since 1922, they are a solid team of 'multilingual and platform-agnostic storytellers' with a proven knack of providing creative solutions for all business needs.

The ultimate goal of ABP Studios is to keep making content with strong purpose. They strive to inspire, spark imaginations, and more importantly, enlighten minds. Their mission would be to make the audience engage with their realities, rather than escape from them. Using new age interactive technologies & contemporary storytelling, they also want to let viewers live the stories through their choices and allow the stories to transcend into real world actions, wherever relevant.

Sameer Rao
Vivek Mathur (Bumpy)
Head Creative & Content
Subhojit Roy
Head, Revenue & Strategy
Akhil Tomar
Akhil Tomar
Head, Commercials & Production
Saswat Satyadarshi (Mahapatra)
Director, Interactive Media
Sandesh Ghuge
Creative Director, Marathi
Sanjay Nandan
Director, Development
Ayan Jyoti
Executive Producer, Story & Development
Manali Ghule
Executive Assistant
Amit Pareek
Senior Manager, Finance

The team of ABP Studios consists of highly driven professionals, from film, television & journalism industry, who come from key internal positions of globally known media houses.