Ayan Jyoti

Ayan is an expert writer and a successful showrunner.

For the past 14 years he has been developing, writing and selecting stories for Percept Picture Company, Star Plus, Zee TV and as a freelancer, writing for Zee5, Dish TV and Prime Flix.

He has developed, wrote and creatively managed 28 TV shows and 3 feature films. Out of which 19 of his TV shows have been slot leaders. 2 out of his 3 feature films has been super hits.

He has been successfully behind developing and launching more than one slot leaders every year. And most of the characters he made has featured, higher up the order in ‘Character India Loves’ consistently. His writing has not only ensured a strong leadership position of his employers but those have dominated discussions all around the country.

His writing has also won several awards and validations, a selection in the Cinefondation section of Festival de Cannes being one of them.
Though he considers experience in knowing different cultures, different people, from different places and how they think.
He wants to live in a world filled with people who love stories, where books come bundled with white chocolate and muscatel and there is a force field around his fountain pen that repels distracting notifications and sticky blocks.

The greatest thing that he has ever done is making everyone believe that he loves writing. While the truth is that he is fascinated by the power of connecting with people over the very things that make us human, vulnerable and imperfect.